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Who we are

Afribrainy Investment Company Ltd is a registered company mainly operates from Tanzania, East Africa which provides services in different sectors, some of the services prodived are categorized as Desktop Publishing, Website and Software Design, Tourism and Leisure, Transport and Logistics, Mining and Jewellery as well as Agribusiness and Real Estate. Focusing on timely delivery whilst providing the best, affordable services and high quality products.

What we do

Why us


On the verge of creating our own brand reputation by delivering high quality services and products, we align our business model with trustworthy to the customer along with fair price without jeopardizing its quality and quantity whilst having superb customer service so as to bring superior experience to our customers.


We create our products from scratch, we customize them according to your need and type of marketing strategy you have so as to help you meet your target.


Committed to make sure the sosphiscated tools we are having are used effienciently to create finest end-products that exceed your expectation.


Carefully created products which lead you to safety as no loop holes for hackers, competitors and other third-party counterparts who are against you!

“We do not strive to compete the market - we are striving to dominate the market”

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